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My Beautiful Daughter

What It Means to Be Loved by God
Tasha K Douglas
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Sometimes You Need a Daddy’s Hug Every girl wants to be loved by her daddy. But maybe yours isn’t around as much as you’d like, or isn’t around at all. If so, here’s the awesome truth: we all have a Father who loves us deeply, completely, and forever. You’ll meet him in this book—through quizzes and real-life stories about girls just like you. Plus, you'll read stories of real women who were able to change the world because of their heavenly Father’s love. Discover a Father who loves you, wants to know you, and can help you through anything. He’s the most incredible Father ever, and he thinks you’re pretty special too.

About the Author

Tasha K. Douglas is a daughter of the Father, a wife, and a mother of four. A believer in the transformative power of stories, Tasha communicates the message of the Father’s love to women and girls, whom she calls sisterfriends. A native Texan, Tasha and her family live near Dallas.

  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 192
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310726432
  • Release: April 7, 2012
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