A working knowledge of the Torah is essential for every serious student of the Scriptures. Presented in an engaging and accessible manner, even while digging into difficult and complicated matters at a sophisticated level, The Torah Story Video Lectures by Gary Schnittjer feature 29 lessons on 4 DVDs. The lectures emphasize the content of the text itself, moving beyond debating dates and theories of authorship into understanding how these five key books of the Bible help us understand the story of salvation.

A companion to The Torah Story textbook, The Torah Story Video Lectures provides a model for how to read Scripture intertextually. It leaves no doubt as to the overarching unity of the message and composition of the Pentateuch.

Accessibly formatted and focused on the most significant topics and discussions in the textbook, The Torah Story Video Lectures is designed with the learner in mind, and each lecture is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. These lectures are an indispensable resource for students and independent learners alike.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - An Apprenticeship on the Torah (29 min)

2 - Introducing the Torah (28 min)

3 - Macroview of Genesis (24 min)

4 - The Beginning (28 min)

5 - The Garden and Exile (24 min)

6 - The Flood and the Nations (30 min)

7 - The Abraham Narratives (37 min)

8 - The Jacob Narratives (29 min)

9 - The Sons of Jacob Narratives (33 min)

10 - The Last Days (23 min)

11 - Macroview of Exodus (30 min)

12 - The River and the Bush (24 min)

13 - The Plagues and the Sea (32 min)

14 - The Wilderness and the Mountain (29 min)

15 - The Rebellion and the Dwelling (26 min)

16 - Macroview of Leviticus (25 min)

17 - Sacrifice (29 min)

18 - Purity and Worship (34 min)

19 - Holy Living (35 min)

20 - Macroview of Numbers (26 min)

21 - The First Generation on the Plains of Moab (30 min)

22 - Two Generations in the Wilderness (29 min)

23 - The Second Generation on the Plains of Moab (21 min)

24 - Macroview of Deuteronomy (25 min)

25 - The Words (26 min)

26 - The Ten Words and the Command (23 min)

27 - The Rules and Regulations (30 min)

28 - A View of the Other Side (28 min)

29 - Reintroducing the Torah (21 min)

About the Author

Gary Edward Schnittjer (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of Old Testament at the School of Divinity, Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

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