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The Reformation As Renewal in the Classroom

The Reformation as Renewal is written from many years of teaching the history of the Reformation at the college, masters, and Ph.D. level. If you are a professor, you should consider using The Reformation as Renewal as your textbook.

Unique features of The Reformation as Renewal:

  • When teaching courses on the Reformation, it’s difficult to give the appropriate background on the church of the late medieval period. The Reformation as Renewal can help by introducing students to the late medieval context, while also connecting the Reformers to the Church Fathers.
  • The history and theology of the Reformation is complicated, and students often get lost. This book includes sidebars throughout that will help your students understand the story, the complicated theology, and the difficult nuances of the time period.
  • The Reformation as Renewal is structured as a story, with each chapter building on the previous one.
  • This book offers not only a broad history, but also provides details of the Reformation's local contexts—such as Germany, England, and Switzerland—while showing how each fits together.
  • This book will teach your students to explore the primary sources and listen to the Reformers in their own words—their arguments and the context in which they make them. This will prepare them well for further study on the Reformation.

Professors get FREE Textbook Plus resources

When you use The Reformation as Renewal in the classroom, we will provide you with free resources to aid your teaching, including:

  • sample syllabi,
  • quiz and test banks,
  • customizable presentation slides, and
  • an instructor manual.

Your students will also receive exam study guides and flashcards.

Together, these resources will not only help your students learn the material thoroughly and well, but they will save you significant time planning for the semester and preparing for each class, allowing you to focus on the material itself and the specific needs of your students.

Professors can request a free exam copy of The Reformation as Renewal. You will receive your copy when the book is released in June 2023. The free ancillary resources will be available by the end of July 2023—in time for the start of the 2023–2024 academic year. Please contact Matthew Miller at with any questions.

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