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December 18, 2023 | bill-mounce
Women, Wives, or Deaconesses? (1 Tim 3:11)
One of the most basic rules in hermeneutics is context. As a friend of mine says, “Context is King.” But how much context? Does the issue of...
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December 11, 2023 | bill-mounce
Is there meaning in structure? (Heb 12:1–2)
There are times I feel myself being drawn back to more of a word–for–word translation. I think that the form in which meaning is conveyed ca...
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December 4, 2023 | bill-mounce
Is the gospel “about” Jesus or proclaimed “by” Jesus? (Mark 1:1)
There is a distinction between two uses of the genitive case that is especially important. When Mark introduces his gospel by writing “go...
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November 20, 2023 | bill-mounce
Bible Contradiction: Matthew’s Citation of Jeremiah (Matt 27:9)
In speaking of Judas’ burial, Matthew writes, “Then what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled: ‘They took the thirty pieces of s...
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November 6, 2023 | bill-mounce
Aorist, Present, and Sequence (John 15:6)
Gone are the days of thinking the aorist must refer to a past event. Even though it is a default tense, it still has a wider range of meanin...
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October 23, 2023 | bill-mounce
What’s Missing in John 15:25?
I would guess that in all languages, words are left out that the reader must assume. We do it in English, and the biblical writers do it as...
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June 19, 2023 | bill-mounce
Was Mary One of “the Women”? (Acts 1:4)
This is a little picky thing, but it does illustrate the ascensive use of καί. Luke writes, “They all joined together constantly in prayer, ...
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June 12, 2023 | bill-mounce
When is “Was” Really an “Is”? (John 5:13)
When Jesus healed the man at the Pool of Bethesda, the Pharisees objected to him carrying his mat on the Sabbath and wanted to know who had ...
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June 5, 2023 | bill-mounce
Can Women Only Work at Home? (Titus 2:5)
Before I get into this blog, I want to share an interesting fact that someone sent me. This is my 500th episode for Monday w/ Mounce. I star...
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May 8, 2023 | bill-mounce
He … he … he … (Mark 3:7 – 5:6)
One of the more interesting passages in the Bible is the 73 verses between Mark 3:7 and 5:6 because the name “Jesus” never occurs. In 3:7 “J...
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April 24, 2023 | bill-mounce
One Example of the Passion Mistranslation (John 15:2)
I hesitate to blog on this verse again. When I did previously I was inundated with people driven more by their theological convictions than...
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April 10, 2023 | bill-mounce
Submissive to Whom? (1 Tim 2:11) - Mondays With Mounce
When talking about women in Ephesian leadership, Paul starts by saying, “A woman should learn in quietness, in all submissiveness (ἐν πάσῃ ...
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April 3, 2023 | bill-mounce
Do Elder’s Children Have to be Believers? (Titus 1:6) - Mondays with Mounce
One of the more difficult passages to translate in the Pastorals is Titus 1:6 and the question as to whether an elder’s children have to ha...
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March 27, 2023 | bill-mounce
Is Everything that Happens Good? (Rom 8:28) - Mondays with Mounce
Romans 8:28 is a source of comfort for many in the midst of pain, and it can also be a challenge, even discouraging, for them as well. Part ...
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March 20, 2023 | bill-mounce
Think Grammatically (Rev 1:2) - Mondays with Mounce
Sometimes in translating we have to think grammatically, to think through the structure of the passage before trying to actually translate i...
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March 13, 2023 | bill-mounce
God has No Concern for Oxen! Right? (1 Cor 9:9) - Mondays with Mounce
One of the dangers of simply translating word-for-word is that sometimes the translation is not only awkward English but actually wrong, dep...
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