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Frustrated with Your School’s Learning Management System? Get Enhanced Edition Textbooks

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If you’re like most professors, you can’t single-handedly change your school’s learning management system, no matter how much it encumbers you or hinders your students. But with Enhanced Editions of your favorite textbooks, you can put everything your class needs right inside the book.

These don’t replace your school’s learning management system. But instead of asking students to wade through numerous separate folders and documents to track down what they need to participate, you can put all the materials they need right in their textbook.

Here’s how Enhanced Editions take some of the hassle out of your learning management system—for you and your students.

Add important documents to your textbook

When your students sit down for a study session, they may need to consult several separate documents: your class syllabus, your reading plan, lecture notes, introductory material, and supplemental readings or videos. With a learning management system, students have to hunt for relevant materials, sifting through all your other course content.

Enhanced Editions let you put all those documents and supplemental materials right into your students’ textbooks. So every time they open their books, they have their syllabus, reading plans, and relevant course content right in front of them. If there’s a video, article, or essay you want to use to explain a key term or concept, you can add it to the text right where that term or concept is introduced.

Basically, Enhanced Editions help you make study materials more relevant by letting you put them in the ideal context.

Share your insights in every textbook

These aren’t just digital textbooks that connect to your class documents. You can customize Enhanced Editions by adding your notes directly to the book, whether those notes are text, video, or audio.

If you want to upload your notes to your school’s LMS, you could add them as separate documents for each chapter, or put them all into one big document, but either way, that’s not as useful to you or your students. You’d have to strip your notes of the context you’re referring to, and potentially put more work into contextualizing your thoughts for your students. And your students would have to go back and forth between your notes and the text to see what you’re referring to.

When you add your notes to an Enhanced Edition of your textbook, it’s like inviting your class to read over your shoulder. As they read, they’ll encounter your thoughts and notes in context, so you can provide commentary on what they’re reading as they’re reading. You can highlight sections in the text that you want them to pay special attention to or to disregard—instead of trying to work that into one or more separate documents.

Introduce each chapter with a video from the author

Enhanced Editions come with additional built-in content to help your class get more from their studies. The authors themselves introduce every chapter with a video lecture on the material. It’s like having a guest lecturer on demand to accompany your class sessions. These introductory videos supplement the text, so your students still do the bulk of the work discovering insights, but they help your class get oriented before they dive into the content.

Improve retention with interactive reviews

Every chapter of an Enhanced Edition textbook comes with built-in review sections. These interactive reviews are powered by Cerego, so they react to student responses and help your class focus on the concepts they need the most help with. If students want to go through the review again, Cerego rephrases the questions and shuffles the order to help ensure they master the material before they move on.

Test student comprehension with built-in quizzes

Similarly, each chapter comes with a customizable quiz. When students complete their reading assignments, they can immediately answer questions about what they’ve read and receive a score. You can add, remove, or edit questions to adapt the quiz to your class. You can give students multiple attempts to improve their score, or simply take their first one. From your professor dashboard, you can export quiz results and then upload them to your LMS or gradebook.

Try Enhanced Editions free for six weeks

Enhanced Editions are packed with extra materials and interactive content you can modify for each of your classes. They’re the same trusted textbooks, and they cost your students the same as a print edition.

Want to see them for yourself? Tell us about your class, choose your textbooks, and your whole class can use them free for six weeks.

Start a free trial today.

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