$4.99 eBook Sale: Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, NEW TESTAMENT and OLD TESTAMENT

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Announcement: All volumes of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary New Testament have been released in eBook format! (Joining the complete Old Testament set also in eBook format.)

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For this week only we are offering each eBook (Old Testament & New Testament) in the series for just $4.99.

That means you save up to 66% on these commentaries!

Each New Testament commentary…

is based on relevant papyri, inscriptions, archaeological discoveries, and studies of Judaism, Roman culture, Hellenism, and other features of the world of the New Testament. has hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and line drawings. includes copious maps, charts, and timelines along with sidebar articles and insights. offers “reflections” on the Bible’s relevance for 21st-century living. is written by leading evangelical contributors including Andreas J. Köstenberger, Douglas J. Moo…

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eBook Sale: Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, Old Testament – $4.99 Each

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The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, Old Testament series has just been released into eBook format.

For this week only, we are offering each eBook volume for just $4.99.

That means you save up to 66%.

This series invites you to enter the Old Testament with a company of guides and experts that will give new insights into these cherished writings.

Features include:

Over 2000 photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams and charts provide a visual feast that breathes fresh life into the text. Passage-by-passage commentary presents archaeological findings, historical explanations, geographic insights, notes on manners and customs, and more. Analysis into the literature of the ancient Near East will open your eyes to new depths of understanding both familiar and unfamiliar passages. Written by an international team of 30…

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Genesis 1 – An Excerpt from South Asia Bible Commentary

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South Asia Bible CommentaryNow available! The South Asia Bible Commentary is a one-volume commentary, written and edited by South Asian Biblical scholars on all the books of the Bible. Interact with these excerpts below from Genesis and discover how the editors overlay cultural insights throughout the commentary.


1:1-11:32 God, Humankind and Nature

What people believe about creation has important consequences for how they live. For example, the religious practices of those who believe that the universe arose from the sexual union of male and female deities often involve fertility rites similar to those of the Canaanite cult of Baal described in the OT. Thus it is appropriate that the Bible begins with chapters that assert that God created and controls the world and that he has…

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Eckhard Schnabel on His Acts Commentary [Video]

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Eckhard J. Schnabel shares a taste of what you'll learn from his 2012 Christian Book Award-winning volume Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Acts.

Find out why Paul didn't want the Athenians to think he was introducing foreign gods. The answer may surprise you.

And here's a quick quiz question, which Schnabel answers in the video:

How much of the book of Acts is direct speech?

A. 20%

B. 25%

C. 33%

D. More than 50%

Watch the video to find out.

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Now Available for Accordance: NIV Application Commentary—Complete NT

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The NIV Application Commentary Series: Complete New Testament just became available for immediate download. The set is only $317 (down from the retail price of $532).

As “Application Commentaries” these are especially helpful for pastors and seminary students, providing you with tools, ideas, and insights that will help you communicate God’s Word with power. Learn more about the series below. 

Have you used an NIV Application Commentary? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Complete New Testament Set (20 volumes) Price: $317 (down from $532 retail)

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