eBook Sale: NIV Study Bibles and Tools

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NIV Study Bible Tools

Over 20 Bibles and Bible study tools have been discounted up to 84% off – this week only!

NIV Study Bibles and Tools eBook Sale

Dive into the scripture with these new and perennial resources including:

9780310438311_403_600_90D. A. Carson’s Zondervan NIV Study Bible – just $9.99

A study Bible with notes like no other! Built from the ground up to reflect the most current 21st century scholarship Dr. Carson, along with a team of over 60 contributors, crafted all-new study notes, book and section introductions, a library of articles, and other study tools that specifically focus on biblical theology, or the progressive unfolding of theological concepts through the Bible.

John Stott’s Understanding the Bible for…

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Dive Into the Bible eBook Sale

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Dive Into the Bible

For the next two days, we are hosting the Dive into the Bible eBook Sale. Interpreting the Bible is hands-on work. The eBooks selected for this sale give you practical tools for understanding the Bible’s deep meaning. They will help you discover Scripture’s original message, and what Scripture means for life today.

From July 13-15th, 2015 take advantage of discounted prices on high caliber interpretive resources including:

Grasping God's WordGrasping God’s Word | J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays

Original $31.99 | Sale $9.99 (That’s 69% off)

Buy it Today:


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5 Essential Resources to Build Your Bible Reference Library

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Whether you are an interested Christian who desires to go deeper in the Bible, a volunteer ministry leader, or seasoned vocational minister, Zondervan offers you several resources essential to your study and communication of God’s Word.

These resources will give you an overview of the Bible, help you find verses and passages in the Bible, and help you understand things in the Bible by providing more specific information.

Below are five of the most essential resources to building your Bible reference library:

The NIV Exhaustive Bible Concordance, Third Edition

Only one concordance provides an exhaustive indexing of every appearance of every word in the NIV Bible: The NIV Exhaustive Bible Concordance, Third Edition.For those who don’t read biblical Greek or Hebrew, this tool unlocks the meaning of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words from which the…

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Wednesday Giveaway – How to Read the Bible Book by Book

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How to Read the Bible Book by BookFor this week’s giveaway we are featuring the second collaboration of Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible Book by Book.

Picking up where How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth left off, this second part of the series moves readers from hermeneutical principles to the sometimes-messy work of reading individual books of the Bible. 

Fee and Stuart insist that reading the Bible does not need to be a haphazard journey through strange and bewildering territory. Like experienced tour guides, the authors of How to Read the Bible Book by Book take you…

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