How to Make the Benefits of Family Life Accessible to LGBT People

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9780310526025“In the day-to-day details of navigating Christian obedience with a gay orientation,” observes Nate Collins in his new book All But Invisible, “we do not have turn-by-turn directions to tell us where to go, but only landmarks that confirm we’re on the right track” (83). [See more of Nate Collins’ traditional view on sex and marriage at the start of this post.]

One of those landmarks Collins would like to recapture is the notion of vocation to guide discussions about what it means to be gay and Christian. Collins explains, “when the Bible refers to a particular behavior or pattern of living as a ‘gift,’ it is highlighting the calling or vocation that the gift represents to those who have it” (85)—including marital status. As with all gifts,…

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Extracurricular Activities 4.11.15 — Economic Discrimination, Conversion, & Jesus’ Sabbath Rest

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Church Building

Jordan Ballor on the Logic of Economic Discrimination

Why should big businesses like Apple, Angie’s List, or Salesforce be able to discriminate against an entire state like Indiana, while Christian small-business owners cannot likewise decide who they want to do business with? If Apple can boycott Indiana, why can’t evangelicals boycott same-sex weddings?

Eric Teetsel Evaluates Whether Matthew 5:41 Applies to Religious Discrimination

Recently, many friends have shared a blog Bake for them two. The post seems to have struck a chord with folks from across the theological and political spectrum. According to the blog’s homepage, it has garnered over 300,000 views since April 1. The author, Jessica Kantrowitz, admits that she does not consider gay marriage immoral, but aims her words at Christians whose understanding conforms to orthodox biblical teaching on the subject. Invoking primarily…

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Will You Ask America to “Forgive Us” of 7 Social Sins?

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In a post-Ferguson world, this book is timely for the Church.

I could add that in a post-Trail-of-Tearspost-Stonewall riots, post-9/11 world this book comes at a good time in the life of the church, too.

The book is Forgive Us, a book that self-consciously “acknowledges the legitimacy of much of [peoples’ anger and frustration with organized religion] and recognizes that the church through the ages has experienced significant brokenness, a brokenness that demands to be acknowledged and repented of.” (31)

Authors Mae Elise Cannon, Lisa Sharon Harper, Troy Jackson, and Soong-Chan Rah offer the American church this guide — to help the church confess to the world and to God the church’s complicity and culpability in seven sins, sins against: God’s creation, indigenous people, people of color, women,…

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