Visually Explore the 4 Acts of The Great Drama of God

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William Shakespeare was right and wrong.

Yes, “All the world’s a stage; And all the men and women merely players.” But it isn’t a tale told by an idiot “full of sound and fury; Signifying nothing.”

In their new book Visual Theology, Tim Challies and Josh Byers remind us that we are all part of a great tale, a great Drama that is guided and directed by a sovereign Storyteller. For some time Christians have understood it as a four act Drama: cfrn Marrying the two Christian values of truth and beauty, Challies and Byers have crafted a visually stunning and equally visually informative resource to help you and those you shepherd see and understand the truth about God.

Below we’ve shared their outline of those acts to help you better understand the…

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A Doubter’s Guide to the End of Cancer & Other Existential Pains

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One year ago today I had surgery to remove a malignant tumor that had stolen itself into my thyroid. Thankfully, I had the good kind of cancer, and I’m (still) free and clear. Yet the dreaded “c” word will always be part of my story, both as patient and survivor.

I can’t wait for the day when cancer is no longer part of our world! Same for drive-by shootings, divorce, and snow (OK, snow will probably be part of the new creation, but this Michigander can hope, can’t he?)

It’s fitting, then, I write this column today, because in it we are exploring the ending of John Dickson’s excellent, ambitious new book, A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible. His ending happens to be the Bible’s ending, for he outlines how everything will be good again through…

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Scot McKnight on Heaven and Hell

ZA Blog on 7 years ago. Tagged under ,,,. "I believe in heaven. I believe in heaven because Jesus did and I hope to believe in heaven as Jesus did. I believe in heaven because I believe in justice, in peace, and in love. I believe in heaven, in part, because of the apostles and the saints and the Reformers and Harriet Beecher Stowe and C.S. Lewis and Dorothy Sayers and Mother Teresa and the children in Rwanda.

I don’t, however, believe “heaven” is forever and ever. I believe that what is forever and ever is called the New Heavens and the New Earth, the time and place where heaven comes down to earth. The New Heavens and New Earth will be the fullness of flourishing.

But belief in the New…

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New Creation and Common Ground

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Forest-pathIf our goal is to be liberated from creation rather than the liberation of creation, we will understandably display little concern for the world God has made. If, however, we are looking forward to “the restoration of all things” (Ac 3:21) and the anticipation of the whole creation in our redemption (Ro 8:18-21), then our actions here and now pertain to the same world that will one day be finally and fully renewed.” 

– Michael Horton The Christian Faith

The Evangelical community, especially as of late, has seemed preoccupied by its differences and divisions. 

Now, there is a healthy place for critique and debate. Yet in our focus on the ways we disagree, I fear we begin to forget just…

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Wednesday Giveaway (Thanksgiving Edition) – Keller and Wright DVDs

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RFG DVD A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers (and a delayed one to our Northern neighbors).

This week we have something of a special giveaway. Two of our more recent products are a pair of DVD sessions based on The Reason for God by Tim Keller and Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright, and as we head into Thanksgiving our two winners will receive both the DVD series of their choice and the accompanying participants guide.

In The Reason for God pastor and author Timothy Keller meets with a group of people over six sessions to address their doubts and objections to Christianity. Using literature, philosophy, real-life experiences, and the Bible, Keller and the…

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Beaches, Bikinis, and the Body of Christ
by Lynn Cohick

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No, this is not a blog advocating (or decrying) beach evangelism, the butt of many (sometimes well deserved) jokes. This is much more serious, it is musings on what it means to be embodied as believers in Jesus. This past week my sister-in-law was on a panel discussing body image among young women. The epidemic of anorexia and bulimia, the evidence of which is displayed on YouTube and Facebook, reminded me yet again of the need for Christians to affirm our faith in the resurrection of the body.

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The Olympics, Lausanne III, and the New Creation — By Christopher J. H. Wright

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Well, the Olympics have come and gone. As a Brit, I am happy that our team in Beijing won more medals than at any Olympics for 100 years and stood fourth in this world festival of international sport. As a Christian, I share the concerns of many around the world about the dissonance between the public face China presented to the world and the facts of the suffering and oppression that still go on in that country for many minority groups including some Christians.

But it was the opening ceremony that took people’s breath away. Did you see it? Absolutely spectacular, imaginative, lavish, and mesmerizing with its technical wizardry, it combined glorification of China with the celebration of a multi-national world in the parade of nations.

Immediately afterwards I got an email from someone suggesting that we ought to have a Christian equivalent – a spectacularly magnificent demonstration to the world of the multi-national body of Christ, from all the nations of the world. I wrote back to say that God has already had that idea, and we’ve all got booked seats for the greatest show on earth when Christ returns to usher in the new creation. Not only will there be ‘a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language’ (Rev. 7:9), but also there will be a great parade of the nations, as they bring their glory, wealth and splendour into the city of God.

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