What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?

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Moral Choices

Abortion is a controversial topic. While it’s been settled in the Supreme Court for decades, it remains an actively debated moral issue, packed with difficult questions.

Does a woman have full autonomy over her body, even if another human is dependent on her body?

Is a fetus a person, and therefore entitled to basic human rights?

On either side of the debate, you’ll find people passionately defend the morality of their position. When it comes to determining right from wrong, Christians generally take their cues from the Bible. But what about when the Bible doesn’t specifically address an issue? There’s no “abortion verse” or “fetus verse.” So does the Bible have anything at all to add to the discussion?

In his online course, Moral Choices, Scott Rae lays out his argument that the Bible takes…

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How should Christians think about politics?

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Abraham Kuyper church and state

Today’s post is adapted from Irving Hexham’s “Christian Faith and Practice in Christian Politics,” found in unit 13 of his new Understanding World Religions online course, available later this month. Sign up to be notified when the course will be available.

Anyone wishing to understand modern Christianity in North America needs to begin by recognizing that since the 1980s evangelical Christians have undergone a remarkable political transformation.

Until about 1970 the majority of evangelicals were convinced that religion and politics did not mix and should not be mixed. Today, however, many believe that Christianity and politics cannot be separated.

What is surprising about this development is that some leaders on both left and right trace their political thought to the work of the Dutch theologian…

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How Should Christians Argue about Politics? (eBook Flash Sale)

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While our electoral season is nearly complete, the election isn’t an ending: it’s a beginning. No matter who wins, how should Christians respond? How should we argue? How should we engage in public life over the next four years and beyond?

To help with these challenges, today we’re launching a flash sale on a small handful of eBooks that will help you explore vital Christian perspectives on politics and public life. Gain a fresh perspective on some of the most pressing issues of our time (and save quite a bit of money) with these deals:

Politics—According to the Bible by Wayne Grudem is 70% OFF. “A sweeping, and inspiring, guide to politics and government,” says Hugh Hewitt. “A comprehensive but extremely readable and easy-to-use primer on how a Christian guided by Scripture should think about all of the many…

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How Should Christians Approach Political Debates? – An Excerpt from Five Views on the Church and Politics

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Politics and the Church is a topic that draws out our passions. Five Views on the Church and Politics offers a helpful, balanced overview of five Christian views as General Editor Amy Black brings together five key political traditions within Christianity: Anabaptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Reformed, and Black Church. This resource will enable you to consider the most significant Christian views on political engagement and then to draw your own, better-informed conclusions.


Five Views on the Chruch and PoliticsIn contemporary politics, one need not look far to find examples of Christians aligning themselves on different sides of major political debates. One Christian organization argues passionately for government action on a public policy, even as another argues loudly against it. How should Christians approach political debates over divisive issues such as health care, the environment, immigration, and…

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The Legacy for Our Age: Rulers, Informers, & Caregivers Have Failed Us

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Wilderness of Mirrors by Mark Meynell

I wasn’t born yet when a certain president addressed the nation to resign in disgrace and scandal over a break-in at Watergate. I was around, however, and remember when another president shook his finger at the camera and swore he didn’t have “relations” with “that women.” I was also around and at the State of the Union address when another president argued for a preemptive war against Iraq based on faulty intelligence.

I imagine there will be more presidents and leaders to disappoint. As Mark Meynell argues in his new book A Wilderness of Mirrors, we live with the constant “expectation of betrayal,” (17) because we’ve been betrayed:

The West in the early years of the twenty-first century seems afflicted by a deeper, more corrosive cultural mood than previously…We no longer seem willing to trust those in…

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How Should Holiness Shape Our Public Posture? Abortion Shows Us — An Excerpt from “The Political Disciple”

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The Political Disciple by Vincent Bacote“What does it look like for people to become enemies, and what might be a model of a holy public posture?”

Vincent Bacote asks this important question in his new book The Political Disciple, (available 5/5/15) a primer on the intersection of the Christian faith and public life.

In the following excerpt, Bacote explores the development of the political “other,” the tendency “to conflate individual people with the political issues dear to them” and turn them into enemies.

He uses the politics of abortion to illustrate his larger thesis:

If our public advocacy is conveyed in a manner that can present neighbor-love with the same strength as the pro-life position, our sanctification would come across in a way that would…

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Should Christians Participate in the Public Sphere? An Ordinary Theology of Politics

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The Political Disciple by Vincent Bacote

What does theology have to do with the ordinary affairs of our daily lives?

It’s a question people in the church have been asking for generations. It’s also a question that a new innovative series of engaging, targeted books is asking–the Ordinary Theology Series.

Really, ordinary theology is just another way of saying theology, because theological inquiry is of no use when it’s divorced from the ordinary stuff of daily life. The goals of the Ordinary Theology Series are two-fold:

To take up the common issues of daily life and think through them theologically; To invite interested Christians to develop their skills as a theologian in order to “do theology” on the ground.

This series is built on the belief that “Each of us can make a theological contribution to the church, our family, our community, and…

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Acton Institute interviews Wayne Grudem about “Politics According to the Bible”

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Politics According to the Bible Recently the Acton Institute interviewed Wayne Grudem about his latest book, Politics According to the Bible. In the interview they cover issues ranging from the five mistakes evangelicals make when approaching politics, to how we might address the plight of the unemployed.

You can read an excerpt below.


R&L: Why did you write Politics According to the Bible and how will it help Christians engage the political culture?

Grudem: I found that there were many Christians concerned about the direction of our nation. But they were unsure what the Bible taught about various political topics. I had taught ethics for nearly 30 years at the seminary level, and I realized that…

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Wednesday Giveaway – Moral Choices

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Moral Choices In our age of ever-present media, we can hardly go a day without hearing of the latest moral failings of our celebrities, politicians, or other prominent figures. 

Closer to home, we are faced with our own moral dilemmas each day, from business practices to questions about bioengineering. 

How do we respond, and in particular how do we craft a response which is Biblically sound?

This week’s giveaway, Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics, attempts to answer that question and provide a model for making ethical decisions. 

Written by Scott Rae, Moral Choices is now in its third edition, and has been used in ethics classes around the world. You can read a review by Denver Seminary

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10 Questions to Consider Before Voting
by Roger Olson

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Roger E. Olson (PhD, Rice University) is professor of theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University in Waco, Texas and author of the recent book, How to be Evangelical without being Conservative.

Here’s an excerpt from the book’s foreword by Scot McKnight: “[This book] is from a scholar who not only knows his stuff (my “technical” expression for a brilliant scholar) but who loves God and loves God’s church. This book is not some highbrow book designed to prove how much a scholar knows. This book is for anyone who knows that deep inside there are often middle ways, a Third Way, another option – one that gets beyond the polarities and finds common ground that both sides are neglecting.”

With the presidential election just around the corner I asked Dr. Olson to give us some “food for thought” before we vote:

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