How Should Biblical Morality Shape Immigration, Refugee, and Border Policy?

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Moral Choices Fourth Edition

9780310536420One of the more controversial issues of our day—both in the US and abroad, both political and moral—is how a nation should shape and enforce its immigration laws. The issue carries with it several questions that require nuance and consideration—particularly for Christians.

As Christians, how should we consider issues of immigration, refugees, and border control? How should biblical morality shape such laws? Does the Bible even offer us principles for drafting sound, compassionate public policy solutions? Scott B. Rae’s new fourth edition of Moral Choices offers some biblical and practical guidance on these questions. (Rae’s Moral Choices is a proven, standard text for Christian ethics courses, and updates to the fourth edition include a new chapter on immigration, among other new chapters mentioned…

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Why Morality Matters: An Introduction to Ethics by Scott B. Rae

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Moral Choices Fourth Edition

9780310536420“Why be moral?” Perhaps it’s to fulfill some sort of social contract forged between human beings in order to transcend the state of nature? Maybe to align our lives with an internal biological impulse hardwired in us from birth? Or, to align our lives with an external code handed down to us from above?

“Why be moral” is one question at the heart of Scott Rae’s bestselling introduction to ethics, Moral Choices, now in its Fourth Edition. Rae writes in the book’s introduction:

Since the moral life and moral decision-making are the focal points of this book, you can see that I am assuming being moral matters, and significantly. If you decide that being moral is not very important, then you…

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What’s so good about being good? – An Excerpt from Introducing Christian Ethics

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Introducing Christian Ethics: A Short Guide to Making Moral Choices is based on the best-selling college and seminary ethics textbook Moral Choices and distills nearly two decades of teaching and study into a succinct and user-friendly volume. In today’s excerpt, author Scott Rae explores moral being, the good life, and what it means to be human.


9780310521181_imageImagine that you live in a world where you can do anything you want, and no matter what you do, you will never get caught. Nor will you ever have to worry about any consequences for these actions. For example, you can rob a bank, cheat in school, take revenge on whomever you want to, commit violent crimes, lie whenever you want, go back on your word whenever convenient, or sleep with whomever you choose. Would you…

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My Advice to Students — Scott Rae Says, “Your Academic Work is Discipleship”

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9780310513995During seminary orientation seven years ago I remember our president giving us fresh seminarians some important words of encouragement for our new season. Scott Rae, author of Do the Right Thing, has the same advice for you and your own journey, as well:

Consider your academic work as part of your calling from God and part of your discipleship.

Whether you are a student now or will be next month, this season of your life is part of what it means to faithfully follow Jesus. Right now God is calling you to be a student, and follow Him in that way.

I remember…

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