What Is Christianity? Different than What Most People Think

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9780310525042It’s a basic question, and also a vital one. Not only for our own spiritual journey, but also for the journeys of people we know and meet.

And it’s a question Gregory Koukl engages in his new book The Story of Reality. The reason why is because of the misguided approach to religion people often take:

people are often tempted to think of religion as a kind of spiritual fantasy club…the one that meets your personal needs, that gives you rules to live by that are respectable but not too demanding, that warms your heart with feelings of spirituality…[They say] do not, however, confuse religious stories with reality. They don’t give you the kind of information about the world that, say, science does. Yes, believing in God is useful…

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Good Christians Make Good Humans: A Q&A with Michael Wittmer on “Becoming Worldly Saints”

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Becoming Worldly Saints by Michael Wittmer

Can you serve Jesus and still enjoy your life? That’s the question author and professor Michael Wittmer asks in his new book Becoming Worldly Saints. It’s also a question that gets at the heart of what it means to be a Christian, as much as what it means to be human. Because, as Wittmer argues, “Good Christians make good humans.”

Or at least they should. And yet many wonder if you can do both — be a Christian, with all that it entails, and still live a normal human life. I know I have.

Wittmer maintains you can, because the Christian life and the human life are actually one in the same flourishing life.

An intriguing proposition, to be sure. One I explored in an interview for OnFaith. Our discussion included:

His thoughts on why there’s such a disconnect between our earthly…

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Extracurricular Activities 3.28.15 — Marcion, Christian Stoicism, & Transhumanism

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Nancy Pearcey on Apologetics, Cultural Liturgies, and Our Postmodern Age

Yesterday, I began a conversation with Nancy Pearcey about her new book, Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God SubstitutesToday, we continue this discussion and focus on the benefits and limits of worldview training.

Trevin Wax: James K. A. Smith makes the case that worldview analysis isn’t enough when it comes to discipleship, since we are formed by cultural liturgies, not just philosophical beliefs. What are the limits of worldview training?

Dieter Roth on Reading the Sources for Marcion

In my two previous guest blog posts (here and here) considering Marcion’s Gospel, I focused predominantly on issues of reconstructing this text, highlighting, first, problematic issues in Markus Vinzent’s new monograph[1] and, second, the most important methodological considerations when…

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Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life?

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I should say at the outset that Michael Wittmer is my hero.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t go that far—he is a friend; he was also my academic mentor and ThM advisor, and wrote the forward to one of my books. I do highly respect him, particularly because of how he “does” theology.

If you’ve followed his writing career you know his sweet spot is doing theology for the Church. And by “the Church” I mean everyone inside your church; he is a savant at popular theology.

His latest book is “exhibit A” in how it looks for the one percent to do theology for the ninety-nine percent in a way that’s pastorally engaging and intellectually accessible, yet theologically rich and biblically accurate.

Becoming Worldly Saints hearkens back to his first book,

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Wednesday Giveaway – The Gagging of God

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The Gagging of GodWhile working on the soon-to-be-released Academic catalog I was reminded that D.A. Carson’s classic The Gagging of God recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and decided it would be an excellent book to offer for this week’s giveaway. 

When The Gagging of God was first published in 1996 it won the Gold Medallion Award for the persuasive case it made against pluralism and for Christ being the only way to God. More to the point, it has continued to be a well-respected resource on the matter for over a decade and a half.

The Gagging of God became a classic because Carson…

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De-Baptism: Evidence of an Atheistic Faith?

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Learn more about de-baptism

A group of atheists have devised a ritual of de-baptism in which they dress up like monks and use a hair dryer to take away "the stigma… and the stain of baptismal water."

You'll find some intriguing commentary on this ritual at an anthropology blog called Savage Minds. In the post Bible/Darwin: Here Come the Hair Dryers, blogger "Rex" argues the de-baptism ritual demonstrates that Christianity and atheism are just two examples of the same phenomenon.

Need convincing? First, Rex offers this excellent joke: "One side believes it possesses an infallible book written by an omnipotent author with a huge beard with completely explains the dynamics all living things on earth. The other side believes in the literal truth of the [B]ible."

But on a serious note, the rest of Rex's analysis has me scratching my head: 


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“The Decay of Modernity” by Glenn S. Sunshine

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Glenn S. Sunshine (PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison) is professor of history at the Central Connecticut State University and a faculty member of the Centurions Program at Breakpoint, the worldview training ministry of Prison Fellowship Ministries. Previously, he taught at Calvin College and was a visiting professor at the Universität der Bundeswehr-Hamburg (now Helmut Schmidt University) in Germany. He is author of Why You Think the Way You DoThe Reformation for Armchair Theologians, and Reforming French Protestantism, and contributor to the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, and the Encyclopedia of Protestantism.

Z Browse Inside Cover of Why You Think the Way…
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Don’t Stop Believing: Online reviews

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If you enjoyed Michael Wittmer's series this last week be sure to read his blog at DSB www.michaelwittmer.net and join the Facebook group. For anyone interested in Don't Stop Believing I've listed a number of links to reviews/disussions of the book or Dr. Wittmer's recent paper delivered at ETS: "Machen vs. McLaren: A New Kind of Liberal?". If you've posted about/reviewed Don't Stop Believing or Heaven is a Place on Earth and your link isn't on this list be sure to add it to the comments section.

— Andrew

Amphibologia Anglican Curmudgeon Between Two Worlds Emergent Village Emerging Towards Something Redeeming (this review also on The Ooze) New City Church (Tullian Tchividjian) and here too. New Ways Forward Pax…

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Don’t Stop Believing 4 of 5: Christians, the Economy and Plato
by Michael E. Wittmer

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I used to laugh at the advertisements for no-money down, interest only, adjustable rate mortgages. Who in their right mind would take out a loan they could never begin to pay back? Even worse, who in their right mind would loan to such borrowers? Now I realize that this was no laughing matter, for these foolish loans are bankrupting our economy.

The bankers who wrote these bad loans thought they had covered their backsides by cutting them into pieces, combining these pieces with parts of other bad mortgages, and then selling them as securities. And just to be safe, they then covered these bad securities with fake insurance, called credit default swaps. What could go wrong?

To add insult to injury, the masterminds behind this plan "earned" tens of millions of dollars, even as they were being fired from their bankrupt companies—which

we taxpayers now must prop up with our own money (and that of our children and grandchildren).

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