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Historical Theology

An Introduction to Christian Doctrine
Gregg Allison
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Historical Theology presents the key pillars of the contemporary church and the development of those doctrines as they evolved from the history of Christian thought.

Most historical theology texts follow Christian beliefs in a strict chronological manner with the classic theological loci scattered throughout various time periods, movements, and controversies—making for good history but confusing theology.

This companion to the classic bestseller Systematic Theology is unique among historical theologies. Gregg Allison sets out the history of Christian doctrine according to a topical-chronological arrangement—one theological element at a time instead of committing to a discussion of theological thought according to its historical appearance alone.

This method allows you to:

  • Contemplate one tenet of Christianity at a time, along with its formulation in the early church—through the Middle Ages, Reformation, and post-Reformation era, and into the modern period.
  • Become familiar with the primary source material of Christian history's most important contributors, such as Cyprian, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Barth, and others.
  • Understand the development of evangelical doctrine with a focus on the centrality of the gospel.
  • Discern a sense of urgent need for greater doctrinal understanding in the whole church.

Historical Theology is an easy-to-read textbook for any Christian who wants to know how the church has come to believe what it believes today. Gregg Allison's clear and concise structure make this resource an ideal introduction to Christian doctrine.

About the Author

Gregg Allison (PhD) is Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky where he teaches systematic theology. Previously he served on Cru staff at the University of Notre Dame and overseas in Italy and the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. He is a pastor of Sojourn Community Church, and is the theological strategist for Sojourn Network, a church planting network of about thirty churches. He is the author of Historical Theology: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine; Sojourners and Strangers: The Doctrine of the Church; and Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Historical Theology

Part 1: The Doctrine of the Word of God

Part 2: The Doctrine of God

Part 3: The Doctrine of Humanity

Part 4: The Doctrines of Christ and the Holy Spirit

Part 5: The Doctrine of the Application of Redemption

Part 6: The Doctrine of the Church

Part 7: The Doctrine of the Future


Historical Theology Instructor: Dr. Gregg Allison

Rather than following the history of Christianity and presenting various doctrines as they arise, Gregg Allison’s Historical Theology course traces the development of vital Christian theology topic by topic.

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  • 15 Units
  • 6.5 hours of video
  • Self-paced
  • Beginner
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  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 784
  • Format: Hardcover, Printed
  • ISBN: 9780310230137
  • Release: April 24, 2011
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