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Reading Luke

Interpretation, Reflection, Formation
Zondervan (Author) , Craig Bartholomew (Editor) , Joel B. Green (Editor) , Anthony C. Thiselton (Editor)
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A rich and comprehensive volume—essential reading for all those interested in how to read Luke as relevant for today In this sixth volume, the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar brings its past six years of work on biblical hermeneutics to bear on the gospel according to Luke. In his introduction, Anthony Thiselton, world authority on biblical hermeneutics, sets the context for a wideranging exploration of how to read Luke for God’s address today. Traditional and more contemporary approaches are brought into dialogue with each other as several top Lukan scholars reflect on how best to read Luke asScripture. Topics covered include the purpose of Luke- Acts, biblical theology and Luke, narrative and Luke, reception history and Luke, the parables in Luke, a missional reading of Luke, and theological interpretation of Luke. Since prayer is a major theme in Luke, this volume explores not only the role of prayer in Luke, but also the relationship between prayer and exegesis.

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  • Page Count: 512
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310234166
  • Release: November 28, 2005
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