Counterpoints eBook Sale 2018 (Our Biggest Yet)

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Creation and evolution. Homosexuality. Hell. eBooks exploring these and 31 other key topics are on sale: See the deals. Save up to 76% on these Counterpoints books and get expert dialogue on vital Christian issues—so you can draw your own informed conclusions.

The deals end May 8, 2018, at 11:59pm ET.


What’s special about the Counterpoints series?

Counterpoints volumes offer you expert dialogue on vital Christian issues.

Each Counterpoints volume—for example, let’s take Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design—contains multiple contributions, each representing a key position within evangelical Christianity. Each contributor presents their own perspective, but also responds to their fellow contributors. In the volume on creation, evolution, and intelligent design you will find:

cases from Ken Ham (Young Earth Creationism), Hugh Ross (Old Earth [Progressive] Creationism), Deborah B. Haarsma (Evolutionary Creation), and Stephen C. Meyer

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Counterpoints eBooks on Sale: $1.99 and $3.99

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All of the Counterpoints eBooks are on sale right now for either $3.99 or $1.99, which means you save up to 83%. See the deals now because this sale ends on June 11, 2017 (11:59pm ET)!

What’s special about the Counterpoints series?

Counterpoints volumes offer you expert dialogue on issues important to Christians.

Each Counterpoints volume—for example, let’s take Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church—contains multiple expert contributions. Each expert presents their own perspective, but also responds to their fellow contributors. So in the volume on homosexuality you’ll find

cases from William Loader, Megan K. DeFranza, Wesley Hill, and Stephen R. Holmes plus each contributor’s responses to their peers

This unique “dialogue” format helps you compare, critique, and evaluate different views on important topics. You will be able to think more deeply about these subjects…

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Counterpoints Software Sale: $7 Apiece at Olive Tree and Accordance

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The historical Adam. Inerrancy. Divine providence. Final judgment. Each book in the Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on the foundational issues of Christianity. If it’s vital, it’s in Counterpoints…

And Counterpoints software is on sale for $7 apiece for a short time, at Olive Tree and Accordance.

See the Deals:



Don’t delay! This deal will disappear on November 20, 2016!


What’s special about the Counterpoints series?

Counterpoints volumes offer you expert dialogue on issues important to Christians.

Each Counterpoints volume—let’s take Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? for an example—contains multiple contributing authors from various theological backgrounds. Each expert presents their own perspective, but also responds to…

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3 Developments About Hell You Should Know

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4viewsIt seems hell is on the outs these days in evangelicalism. At least the traditional understanding of it. Ever since John Stott acknowledged his annihilationism leanings and pseudonymous Gregory MacDonald offered a vision for Christian universalism, the nature of hell has been on the (re)examination table.

Sitting at the cusp of this ongoing discussion is a revised version of Four Views on Hell, (released 3/8/16) with contributions by four leading evangelical voices reshaping the traditional doctrine: Denny Burk, John Stackhouse, Robin Parry, and Jerry Walls.

“This new volume,” writes general editor Preston Sprinkle, “brings in a new set of authors who will espouse fresh insights that build on the flurry of recent books and discussions about the nature of hell.” (9)

Notice the discussion isn’t about whether hell exists, but what it is.…

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Flash Sale: Select eBook Counterpoints are just $3.99!

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Counterpoint 2016

Doubter. Skeptic. Questioner.

Do these words describe you when it comes to issues like: The existence of Hell? The historical Adam? Whether or not Jesus is the only way to God?

The Counterpoints series was written with your questions in mind!

For a brief time, selected Counterpoints eBooks are on sale for just $3.99.

Dig into your doubt with these titles and more: Four Views on Hell

Four Views on Hell | With contributions John F. Walvoord, Zachary J. Hayes and Clark H. Pinnock and edited by William Crockett.

The authors meet this subject head-on with different views on what the Scriptures say. The interactive Counterpoints forum allows the reader to see the four views on hell—literal, metaphorical, conditional, and…

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SALE on Counterpoints eBooks: Each Just $4.99

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Counterpoints Twitter

For just this week we are excited to offer an eBook sale on every volume in the Counterpoints series!

The Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on Christianity’s vital issues. The series covers diverse topics in the areas of theology, biblical studies, and church life including volumes on the Trinity, the historical Adam, hell, biblical inerrancy, baptism, the rapture, women in ministry, eternal security, and much more.

These volumes feature contributions from some of today’s most respected scholars and theologians including Michael F. Bird, Wayne A. Grudem, Michael Horton, Craig S. Keener, Tremper Longman III, Douglas J. Moo, Thomas R. Schreiner, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and many more.

This sale includes the newest additions to the series:

9780310514947 Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? | Edited by Charles…

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Final Judgment: How Does Scripture Set the Stage? [Excerpt]

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Excerpted from Alan P. Stanley's introduction to the new Counterpoints book, Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment.

Fourviews_roleofworks_coverIt's the end of time, the place is heaven; the scene resembles a courtroom.
Front and center is a great white throne, unapproachable, encircled by
a multifaceted display of shining and sparkling jewel-like colors. An
exceedingly powerful electrical storm emerges from the throne; flashes
of lightning and peals of thunder produce an audio-visual display out of
this world. Ineffable heavenly beings surround the throne spellbound,
enthralled, fascinated, awestruck, captivated, mesmerized by the holy
one seated on the throne. Others too, worship without hesitation, adoring
the incomparable worth of God, the King of the universe.

The Judge appears in glorious splendor. He is powerful, majestic,
beyond description, awesome, and dressed in a long robe with a golden
belt circling his chest; his head and hair are white as snow, his eyes
blazing like fire, and his feet shining like fine bronze in a furnace.
He speaks. His voice is like the sound of a great waterfall. In his right
hand he holds seven stars. A sharp, two-edged sword protrudes from
his mouth, and his face blazes like the sun.

Heaven and earth flee from his presence. But the dead, great and
small, stand before the throne, where very thick books lie open. Another
book, the book of life is opened. And the dead are judged according to
the information in the books.

This is the final judgment, commonly known as the Great White
Throne Judgment (Rev. 20:11 – 15). It is the last and final act of history
before God dwells with his people forever. We may disagree on other
things, but all agree that this is the final judgment.

Judgment in Scripture

Judgment in the Old Testament

That God is the rightful "Judge of all the earth"1 (Gen. 18:25) has been a stalwart of the biblical story from the beginning (e.g., 16:5; 31:53)… "Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?" (Gen. 18:25). Yes, he
will. He will judge with justice and equity (Pss. 9:8; 72:2; 75:2; 96:10),
which means "the wicked will not stand in the judgment" (Ps. 1:5) and
the righteous will "sing before the Lord" (98:9). As for when this will
happen, God has chosen "the appointed time" (75:2); "that day belongs
to the Lord" (Jer. 46:10). But God will save his people. "For the Lord is
our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who
will save us" (Isa. 33:22). Since Israel will sing on "that day," they could
sing in "their day" (Ps. 75).


Judgment in the New Testament

The New Testament similarly declares that God has "set a day," or
so variously called (Acts 17:31; cf. Matt. 8:29; Rom. 2:16; 1 Cor. 4:5;
2 Tim. 4:8). It is "the last day" (John 12:48), "the day of judgment"
(Matt. 10:15; 11:22; 12:36; 2 Pet. 3:7; 1 John 4:17; cf. 2 Pet. 3:12),
when God "will judge the world" (Acts 17:31; Rom. 3:6). But there is
an advance on the Old Testament. This day has come closer. "The ax
is already at the root of the trees" (Matt. 3:10). "The hour has already
come" (Rom. 13:11). "The end of all things is near" (1 Pet. 4:7). Hence,
the Lord "is ready to judge the living and the dead" (1 Pet. 4:5).


But there's more.

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Wednesday Giveaway – 4 Views on the Apostle Paul

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"I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." -1 Cor. 9:22b-23

UPDATE 8/9/13: The winner of this giveaway is Mike K. Thanks to everyone else for joining the discussion!

The Apostle Paul. Few individuals have influenced the Christian church as much as Paul. Of course, his letters contain some things that are "hard to understand" (2 Pet. 3:15), and we may come away with different perspectives on these topics:

What did Paul think about salvation? What was Paul's view of the significance of Christ? What is the best framework for describing Paul's theological perspective? What was Paul's vision for the churches?


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