Two Views, Four Voices on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church

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homosexualityThe sanctity of same-sex relations is one of the most pressing ethical questions facing the church today. (9)

So contends Preston Sprinkle in the new volume he just edited, Two Views of Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church. Sprinkle continues, “Unlike other topics that Christians debate—the rapture, the millennium, speaking in tongues, etc.—homosexuality affects the very core of human persons” (9).

Bringing together four voices to discuss two dominant views on the Bible and sexuality, this unique volume in the Counterpoints series offers fresh perspective on a well-worn topic in three distinct ways:

This first-of-its-kind book published by an evangelical publisher encourages dialogue within the body of Christ about homosexuality, the Bible, and the church. Though most discussions on this topic have been dominated by biblical exegesis, this volume consciously enlists a…

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3 Developments About Hell You Should Know

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4viewsIt seems hell is on the outs these days in evangelicalism. At least the traditional understanding of it. Ever since John Stott acknowledged his annihilationism leanings and pseudonymous Gregory MacDonald offered a vision for Christian universalism, the nature of hell has been on the (re)examination table.

Sitting at the cusp of this ongoing discussion is a revised version of Four Views on Hell, (released 3/8/16) with contributions by four leading evangelical voices reshaping the traditional doctrine: Denny Burk, John Stackhouse, Robin Parry, and Jerry Walls.

“This new volume,” writes general editor Preston Sprinkle, “brings in a new set of authors who will espouse fresh insights that build on the flurry of recent books and discussions about the nature of hell.” (9)

Notice the discussion isn’t about whether hell exists, but what it is.…

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Can Someone Be Gay and Christian, and Faithfully Christian?

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9780310519652Should same-sex attracted Christians call themselves gay?

Let’s go further: Is same-sex attraction itself sinful?

And perhaps more pressing: Can gay Christians be faithfully Christian?

These questions sit at the heart of an ongoing discussion within the Church about the meaning of sexuality. They also form much of the pastoral thrust to a new book exploring why homosexuality isn’t just an issue.

In People to Be Loved Preston Sprinkle freshly engages the biblical passages and human faces behind the issue in a way that respects both. The engagement below reveals such a respect. It also reveals what it means to be gay and Christian, and to live faithfully unto Christ.

Gay and Christian?

First, should Christians who are same-sex attracted identify as gay? Sprinkle distinguishes between two senses…

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Have We Misunderstood Romans 1 on Gay Sex? An Evaluation of 6 Views

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People to Be LovedPreston Sprinkle believes we need a new discussion around a hot-button topic in the church: same-sex relations and marriage.

Eschewing recycled responses and easy answers, his new book People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue freshly engages the passages and people behind the issue in a way that respects both, while challenging Christians across the spectrum.

“Are we sure we’ve understood what the Bible really says about same-sex relations?” (15) Sprinkle asks. Especially the crucial Romans 1 passage? Have we misunderstood it?

Sprinkle says yes, there are many misunderstandings of Romans 1:26-27.

We’ve briefly outlined six of them below.

1) Was This About Heterosexuals Having Homosexual Sex?

Though this view…

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If the Gospel Isn’t For Everyone… – An Excerpt from People to Be Loved

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9780310519652In an age of confusion, disillusionment, and bashing others, Preston Sprinkle speaks up with solid truth and radical love. Sprinkle exhorts us to stop thinking of homosexuality as an “issue” to fix. That does us no good, he says. If our truth or love dilemma is driving people away from the church at such a great rate, something is wrong. Sprinkle starts a better conversation in his recent release, People to Be Loved.


Eric Borges was raised in a conservative Christian home. At a young age, Eric realized he was different, and other kids at school let him know it. He endured relentless and ongoing bullying throughout kindergarten, and the rest of his elementary school years were tarnished with horror. “I was physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally assaulted on a…

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2 Reasons Why We Need a New Conversation About Homosexuality

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9780310519652Has Christ’s Church handled the question of homosexuality with Christlike love? Are we sure we’ve understood what Scripture really says about same-sex relations?

Preston Sprinkle weaves together these two questions in a new book, appropriately titled People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue. With rhetorical deftness, pastoral sensitivity, and theological depth, he offers Christians from across the spectrum an honest, engaging, surprising look at the Zeitgeist’s most important existential topic.

“Studying the issue of homosexuality is not enough,” writes Sprinkle. “We need to listen to gay and lesbian people…Homosexuality is about people. At the same time I want to be ruthlessly biblical about how we formulate our thoughts about homosexuality.” (19, 21)

Defying simple, thin answers to complex, thick questions,…

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