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The Emerging Church

Vintage Christianity for New Generations
Dan Kimball (Author) , Rick Warren (Contributor) , Howard Hendricks (Contributor) , Brian D. McLaren (Contributor) , Mark Oestreicher (Contributor) , Chip Ingram (Contributor)
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Includes ·Samples and photos of emerging church worship gatherings ·Recommended resources for the emerging church The seeker-sensitive movement revolutionized the way we did church and introduced countless baby boomers to Jesus. Yet trends show that today’s post-Christian generations are not responding like the generations before them. As we enter a new cultural era, what do worship services look like that are connecting with the hearts of emerging generations? How do preaching, leadership, evangelism, spiritual formation, and, most of all, how we even think of “church” need to change? The Emerging Church goes beyond just theory and gets into very practical ways of assisting you in your local church circumstances. There is no one right way, no model for us all to emulate. But there is something better. Dan Kimball calls it “Vintage Christianity”: a refreshing return to an unapologetically sacred, raw, historical, and Jesus-focused missional ministry. Vintage Christianity connects with emerging post-seeker generations who are very open spiritually but are not interested in church. For pastors, leaders, and every concerned Christian, Kimball offers a riveting and easy-to-grasp exploration of today’s changing culture and gives insight into the new kind of churches that are emerging in its midst. Included is running commentary by Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Howard Hendricks, and others.

About the Author

Dan Kimball is the author of several books on leadership, church, and culture. He is on staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California. He also is on faculty with Western Seminary and leads the ReGeneration Project which is encouraging theology and mission to be part of younger generations lives and churches. He enjoys comic art, Ford Mustangs, and punk and rockabilly music. His passion is to see the church and Christians follow and represent Jesus in the world with love, intelligence, and creativity.


'Being tested in the laboratory of his own effective ministry, Dan continues to learn and to model a passion for the unreached souls of emerging generations. He deserves honest and thorough evaluation. Read this book at your own risk. To many it may look threatening, but it may open your eyes to reality and to a refreshing hope for our children and grandchildren.' -- Howard G. Hendricks

'Dan Kimball has given followers of Christ and those who care about the future of his church a wonderful gift with this book. Grounded in missional theology and shaped by the hands-on practice of ministry, his book is an essential field guide for leaders seeking to understand the transition now underway from an old to a new world and the emergence of a new church. Read it, learn from it, ans share it with others.' -- Carol Childress

'Dan Kimball has the ability to form a balanced critique of the modern evangelical church that is both gentle and forceful. This book will open a lot of eyes, and the church will be better as a result.' -- Tony Jones, Author

'It is rare for a church leader to bring both clarity of thought and passionate emotion to the needs of the future church. Dan Kimball does both, and he speaks as somebody who actually lives in the trenches. I'm grateful for his wisdom.' -- John Ortberg, Author

'Dan is a practitioner, not merely a theorist. He is no armchair strategist. He is on the front line of reaching this generation. This is a practical book. Howeverm it moves beyond merely presenting methodology to addressing fundamental issues. The book offers a biblically based approach to ministry but clearly states there is not one way to do ministry. Some of what is presented is new and innovative. Then, Dan breathes new life into a centuries-old method of communing with God.' -- Les Christie, Chair

'Dan Kimball has done an effective job of communicating the kind of essential information and practical examples that will inform and inspire both those who are beginning to engage the emerging generation as well as those who've been in the trenches for years. Creative, accessible, inspiring...this is vintage Dan Kimball.' -- Dieter Zander, Confounder

'Dan has the courage to model revolutionary thinking and the wisdom to encourage reconciling action. This book is both a blueprint and a blog of transformation.' -- Spencer Burke, Creator

'Cool hair, bright mind, passionate heart -- Dan Kimball belongs to the tribe of men and women who creatively advance the cause of Christ. His commitment to mission and context lays an important foundation for any conversation about style and innovation.' -- Erwin Raphael McManus, Cultural Architect

'I am inspired and thrilled whenever I see a church leader wrestle with how the church can more effectively reach a generation in a shifting culture. Dan Kimball's ministry and learning will stretch and challenge all of us who long to lead the bride of Christ to its greatest potential.' -- Nancy Beach, Director of Programming

'Dan Kimball shines a spotlight (or more precisely, lights a bank of candles), illuminating the mystery-laden 'postseeker' world. Churches dare not ignore the perspectives and preferences of the emerging generation as they take the gospel into the future.' -- Marshall Shelley, Editor

'In his research and ministry to post-seeker-sensitive emerging generations, Dan Kimball is emulating the apostle Paul: 'I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel.'' -- Luis Palau, Evangelist

'As a pastor who understands both today's culture and the importance of biblical foundations, Dan has set forth for any emerging-church leader a pathway that's safe to travel. His leadership insights are engaging and challenging for anyone who desires to introduce our world to the clear truth of the gospel.' -- Paul Allen, Executive Editor

'The future of the church in North America hinges on innovators like Dan Kimball and the ideas presented in this book. Vintage Christianity can be applied to new and existing congregations to help reach the next generation.' -- Bob Buford, Founder

'Dan does a wonderful job of contrasting the modern-Christian and post-Christian worlds, and then gives what I find to be very practical ministry principles that can be contexualized in any setting.' -- Daniel Hill, Pastor

'I have served with Dan for 10 years in high-school ministry, in Graceland, and now in starting Vintage Faith Church, and I am privileged to call him a close friend. This book will open your eyes to the incredible opportunities for kingdom influence that the emerging church has in post-Christian America. The coolest part of this book to me is that it all has really been lived out in the context of our local community, vintage-faith style.' -- Josh Fox, Pastor of Worship Arts

'We constantly come into contact with youth workers, pastors, and church leaders who want to understand the postmodern shift and its implications for their churches but are intimidated by most of what's written on the subject. Dan's book distills complex ideas into bite-sized chunks that are understandable without being simplistic. And he doesn't stop there: he offers practical discussion of real-life implications for their ministries.' -- Tic Long, President

'What I appreciate about this book is that what you are reading is coming from a practitioner. I have had the privilege of working with Dan for many years, and I have seen him live out and learn and put into practice what he writes about in his book. He isn't just a theorist.' -- Chip Ingram, President

'While many Christians curse the 'darkness' of postmodernism, and others imbibe its values, Dan Kimball helps us see realistically how the church today can communicate with and reach the emerging culture around us. Anyone who wants to join the force that is forging a new approach to ministry needs to listen to this pioneer.' -- Gary Tuck, Ph.D., Professor

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  • Page Count: 272
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310245643
  • Release: March 3, 2003
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