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October 30, 2008 | ZA Blog
TACTICS Giveaway
Author Greg Koukl - founder of Stand to Reason an apologetics based ministry in Southern California - will have his new book Tactics:...
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October 29, 2008 | ZA Blog
Living on the Seam of History: African Christianity
Part 7, Towards a Missiological and Theological Renaissance
“The Bible is being enthusiastically read with fresh new eyes and with a new sense of immediacy. It is being read by people familiar with pe...
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October 28, 2008 | ZA Blog
An Interview with John Azumah
Author of "My Neighbour's Faith"
My Neighbour's Faith: Islam Explained For Christians is the first book in the Hippo Books line, a shared imprint among several publishe...
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October 27, 2008 | bill-mounce
The Participle as Imperative (Monday with Mounce 12) by Bob Mounce
This week we’re pleased to have Bob Mounce guide us through biblical Greek and translation! The author of numerous well-known resource...
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October 24, 2008 | john-walton
Hebrew Corner 9: Curse and Bless
by John H. Walton
Blessing and curse are common terms in Genesis from the initial blessing in Genesis 1 to the curses of Genesis 3, 4 and 9, and then to th...
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October 22, 2008 | ZA Blog
Living on the Seam of History: African Christianity Part 6
My Neighbour's Faith by John Azumah
Africa has an interreligious and interfaith environment that is unique in many ways. We have multi-faith families, clans, ethnic groups and ...
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October 21, 2008 | ZA Blog
The Canaanite Woman of Matthew 15 by Lynn H. Cohick
The story of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:21-28 (cf. Mark 7.24-30) is one of the most problematic stories in the New Testament. The ch...
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October 20, 2008 | bill-mounce
Translating the Imperfect (Mondays with Mounce 11)
For the next 2 weeks, we’re pleased to have Bob Mounce guide us through biblical Greek and translation! The author of numerous well-known re...
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October 17, 2008 | john-walton
Pain in Childbearing (Hebrew Corner 8)
by John H. Walton
Today we want to look at an example where we have to consider the relationship of noun and verb forms. When Hebrew has nouns and verbs that ...
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October 17, 2008 | ZA Blog
James 1:5-7
Commentary and Discussion with Craig Blomberg
Over the next five weeks, Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kamell will be blogging through the book of James. Their commentary, the first in the Z...
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October 16, 2008 | ZA Blog
Announcing James by Craig L. Blomberg and Mariam J. Kamell
James, a new commentary by Craig L. Blomberg and Mariam J. Kamell, is one of our most exciting fall releases to be debuted at the ETS and S...
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October 15, 2008 | ZA Blog
Living on the Seam of History: African Chrisitanity Part 5
With today’s post I would like to take a longer look at Samuel Waje Kunhiyop’s African Christian Ethics. It is part of the Hippo Books line....
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October 13, 2008 | bill-mounce
Pastors and Teachers—Ephesians 4:11 (Mondays with Mounce 10)
Ephesians 4:11 This passage has long engendered debate, and I doubt I will forever close that debate in this blog. But it is a good example ...
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October 10, 2008 | john-walton
Hebrew Corner 7: When is forever not forever?
by John H. Walton
In the Davidic Covenant the statement is made by God that “I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever” (2 Sam 7:13), and then “Your...
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October 9, 2008 | ZA Blog
Spiritual Dryness and the Head-Heart Disconnect
by Clinton Arnold
For many students, taking Bible and theology courses at a seminary or Christian college is a rich experience that stimulates spiritual growt...
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October 8, 2008 | ZA Blog
10 Questions to Consider Before Voting
by Roger Olson
Roger E. Olson (PhD, Rice University) is professor of theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University in Waco, Texas...
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